*FREE* dictation resources for court reporting students!!!

I was going to record myself reading some of these but figured that there had to be some better options out there on YouTube!  Feel free to use these for your stenography practice.

This is not a full list of free dictation that you can find online.  Just type in “free steno dictation” in either Google or YouTube and you’ll find a plethora of audio and motivation!

I find Dr. Seuss a great resource for accuracy because the small words are great for practicing!  I tried to find some without music.  The music sometimes helps you find a rhythm.  Don’t write it off!

This YouTube channel is a great resource when it comes to different speeds.  I am not 100% sure how accurate her timings are.  She is no longer in court reporting school, but her legacy lives on!  Thanks, Chelsea!

Here is another great resource for free dictation!  There are a couple of different speakers and multiple speeds!  A majority of these speakers are from Texas.

If you fill out a form, you will be able to receive some free practice or test dictation from this group.

You must create a username and password and then you can access the free dictation.  It is Marc Greenberg’s dictation.  He runs SimplySteno.

Speaking of SimplySteno, they offer FREE LIVE dictation!!  They are offering to non-SS students again, which I’m thrilled about!  I did a class yesterday and was so happy!  Go to www.simplystenolive.com to create a username and password and then find the calendar!

Also, please go to http://www.stenotube.com/category/5/Practice+Dictation for some extra dictation!

I did not create any of these selections.  I am not receiving anything in return for advertising them.  Please know that they are only up here to help court reporting schools get out of school and in the working field!!-KV

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