April 2017 offers a great variety of book choices for their monthly box.  There are eight different options varying from YA to cookbooks to Thrill Seeker.  They are $9.99 + $5 shipping each month, with the exception of the quarterly cookbooks and quarterly military history boxes.

The Week Before the Wedding
Beth Kendrick

“Rues?  Made to be broken.
Lines?  Drawn to be erased.”

321 pages.
Value:  $15.

This book is divided by day of the week AND chapters!  Pretty neat!

The Wishing Hill
Holly Robinson

“Was it possible to do both, to contribute to the world while merely observing it?  To be content in the moment, but plan for the future?  Could you follow your heart without losing all common sense?”

376 pages
Value:  $15

I hope y’all take advantage of this great box!  There is such a great value.

Use the code Kate15 for 15% off of your subscription!


I did receive this box for free in exchange for an honest review!  But my opinions are always my own!

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