A Court Reporting Student’s Daily Planner, January-June 2017

There is nothing I hate more than practice logs.  In grade school and even at Schreiner, I never had accurate practice logs because I either lied on my practice logs or just did a generic log and practiced more than I said.  (don’t get mad.  I DID graduate with my BA in Music!)  I don’t even make my flute students do logs if they don’t want.  If it is something that they think will help them, then I have them do it.  I have even had students text me when they practice.  Kind of the same thing, but it was more of a text saying “practiced” with whatever emojis they felt the practice resulted in.

This hatred of practice logs has traveled with me to court reporting school.  Yes, I practice.  If I didn’t practice, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Can I practice more?  Of course.  Michael Phelps can practice more.   Manu Ginobili has bad days.
I reached out to one of my court reporting groups (shout out to Encouraging Court Reporting Students!!) for their favorite practice logs.  Come to find out, one lady MADE HER OWN!  She went to blurb.com and created her own practice log planner book!  I didn’t even know that was an option!

So here is a review for A Court Reporting Student’s Daily Planner for January-June 2017.

(Just an FYI:  I do not make any money off of this.  This is strictly Christina Leubert’s baby.  She might receive a portion of the proceeds, and dang it, she deserves every single penny earned!!!)

Also, I am a Google Calendar baby.  Andy and I each have our calendars that we can access for planning vet appointments, dentist visits, going to Corpus, or whatever other exciting things we plan on doing.  I will still use that, but I am excited for something STRICTLY for court reporting and my proofing deadlines!  This will be my court reporting diary.  I’ll show people, but this is going to be my secret place for me to write down my feelings and my current crushes.  (Come on.  I know we all have THAT ONE dictation that makes our heart smile and our brain happy, and more than likely it is a jury charge.)

Beginning of Planner
The beginning of this planner has a spot for you to put your name.  Underneath that it says, future CSR.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!  MY business cards says that!  In fact, I think I’m going to tape my business card to this page.

You have a whole page to talk about why you want to be a court reporter.  This is going to be where I put my dream board that way I can take it to class with me instead of keeping it on my bulletin board!

The next page has “Goals as a Court Reporting Student This Year” and “Goals Outside of Court Reporting This Year.”  Seriously.  Can this planner get any better?  (The answer is “yes!!!”)

You have a page for “My Daily Priorities:  As defined as Merriam-Webster:  (N.) Something that is more important than other things that needs to be done or dealt with first.”  Here is where you can put your priority list.  You can do this however you want.  List things that are important to you.  Make a collage of words or pictures.  Doodles.  Put your everyday priorities that won’t change.

At the bottom of that page, you have “Dates of Passed Speed Tests” with a chart of tests that you can put your dates of the passed tests!

After these pages, you get two full pages of practicing tips from Mark Kislingbury.  Ugh.  I love that man.

You have some extra pages to do with as you like.  Include briefs, dream board extentions, doodle pages, whatever!

Monthly Overview

For the beginning of the month, you start off with month overviews, which is your typical monthly overview.  The only difference is she put the months in steno.  Love!  This is probably where I will put my court reporting meetings, goals, test dates, and other court reporting events.

Weekly Schedule for Each Month

After that you get a weekly schedule for that month.  The whole left page is for your expected weekly practice.  It might be the same as the previous month.  Maybe you are having surgery, going on vacation, or just want to practice more or less, you are able to write down a generic schedule.  On the right page is a list about your health and practicing.  This list includes:
-Did I practice “writing short” for at least 30 minutes every day?
-Did I practice “writing fast” for as least 45 minutes a day?
-Did I attend every available class meeting?
-Did I transcribe all of my tests each day?
-Did I analyze my transcription errors?
-Did I practice from my daily list of hesitation words & phrases?
-Did I practice by writing from hard copy this week?
-Did I read back or transcribe at every opportunity?
-Am I getting enough rest?
-Am I meeting my fitness goals?
-Am I eating correctly?
-Am I training myself to breathe while taking dictation?
-Am I comparing myself to others?
-Has my speed improved?
-Am I able to concentrate and focus better than last month?
-Did I meet all of the goals I set for myself last month?

Some of those questions are hard, especially that last one.  Some are easy, like, well, none of those questions are easy when you’re a court reporting student!  They are all HARD questions!

Daily Pages

This is what the daily pages look like.  The grid is not nearly that dark.  On some of my days the grid is darker than others.

There is a section for you to write down your practice times.  There are the smaller sections for your goals for the day and also your accomplishments for the day.  I am thinking that the accomplishment section will be used for my feeling on the practice for the day.  How was I feeling?  Was I tired?  Hyper?  Sad?  Stressed?  Mad?  Crying?  Blah?  Underneath those two sections is the Practice Checklist.  It has a list of things that you should be doing each day, or at least once or twice a week.  This list includes:
-Finger drills
-Number drills
-Alphabet drills
-Review of common briefs
-Study new briefs
-Review common mistakes
-Practice from a hard copy
-Practice jury charge dictation
-Practice literary dictation
-Practice testimony dictation
-Read back or create a transcript

How great is this list?  Christina has thought of everything!  It gets better.  The next page is a WHOLE PAGE for briefs of notes you have during practice!  When Christina first told me that each day had two pages, I was thinking that that might end up being too much.  But with this layout, it looks like it will be awesome!

This book is every court reporting student’s dream!  Grab some pretty pens, pencils, and crayons and start enjoying this book.  Michaels has a 60% off any one regular price item coupon today, January 28th.  If you do get pretty pens, I would think that the Bible pens would be best since they aren’t supposed to bleed through the page like regular pens

The book does cost $34.89 and shipping is $3.99.  My shipping said it would take two to three weeks to get to me.  It took less than a week to get to me.  I know that $40 is a lot for a six-month planner, but trust me, IT IS WORTH IT.  I was going to go with a fancy name-brand planner that wasn’t for court reporting, but this is ten times better.

Mentors, you can order one for your mentee!  I think that would be the best gift a student can receive!

If you order 10 or more, you will receive a discount starting at 10%.

Let me know what you think of this book!  Christina did a great job!!!


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