Social Media and Internet Steno Briefs

Here is an unfinished list of social media and Internet briefs.  Do you have any ideas for the empty spots?  Leave me a comment down below if you see any terms missing or a better idea for the steno!  I will update this as I find some more briefs or words.  (I learned Magnum Steno, but I’m open to all theories!)

Facebook        FA*IB
Twitter              TW*IRT
Instagram        SGRA*M
Pinterest          P*INT
Flickr                  FL*IRK
LinkedIn           NL*INKD
tumblr               T*UFRPL
YouTube           YAO*UB
SnapChat        SNA*PT
WhatApp         WHA*EPS
Google              GAO*GL
Google Maps
Yahoo                YAO*  (depending on context depends on if there is an ! at the end.)
GoFundMe      G*UND
Amazon            AO*MZ
AOL                     AO*L

cell phone       C-F

Internet                       SPWERNT  (per MW, It is always capped.)
social media
social networking
e-mail                            MA*EL   (per MW, always with the hyphen unless you’re talking about a blueish green color or enamel.)
e-mail address         MA*ELDZ
text                               TEX
text message          TEJ
instant communication

An Open Letter to Court Reporting Students

Dear Students,

We don’t deserve a day; we deserve a week!  Whether you have been a student for five months or ten years, take this week to soak up all of the events that your local reporters will be hosting.  If you don’t have anything local, take this week to pamper your fingers and to remind yourself that your future IS worth the tears and stress that goes hand in hand with court reporting school.  Honestly, I have cried or wanted to cry SO many times this past weekend.  The pressure on me is enormous to get out of school.  We want to get married and have a few kids, but we are waiting until I’m out of school.  I turn 29 in 10 days and Andy will be 35 next month.  We are ready.

Will that enormous pressure help succeed through school?  Are you the kind of person that does well with constructive criticism or do you flinch at the thought of someone correcting you, not because what you are doing is wrong but because you are a people pleaser?  I’m the latter.  I don’t do well with constructive criticism.  Yes, I know it is important.  I just hate disappointing people which flows over to when I tell the select few if I have failed a test.  I cringe at the thought of having to tell Andy or a member of my “steno squad” if I received a 93% on a test instead of a 96%.

As court reporting students, we will disappoint ourselves more than we will disappointment others.  We will fail more tests than we will pass.  We might have to take the state test 16 times (that is about taking it for 4 years straight) and pass it right after we mentally, not physically, give up.

Guess what?  In court reporting, a pass is a pass.  You just need a certificate saying you can write at 225 words per minute for five minutes at 95% accuracy.  That’s all okay.  You are normal.  I am normal.  Strangely, at the same time, there is no “normal” in court reporting school.   Once we are out of school. if you are in an area that needs reporters, you, more than likely, won’t even need a resume.  They won’t care if it took you 13 years to get those 3 coveted letters after your name.  As long as you have them, you will also have a new boss.  In San Antonio, you WILL have a job as a freelancer.  There are multiple openings in courthouses in South Texas.

My biggest “complaint” about court reporting school is that some schools advertise their program to be a two-three year program.  I know at least 150 students (nationwide) personally and out of those students, about 5 students have gotten out in less than 3 years.  (This is a *very* scientific study.  haha.)  That number is much different than it was 7-10 years ago, even five years ago.  When our parents and “more experienced” family members complain to us that school is taking too long, please remember that the standards are higher than they used to be.  We have more to learn.  The schools are different.  Technology is everchanging.  I know that in Texas the state test has been near impossible recently.  There was one test that nobody passed.  Some girls have been sitting for the test for over a year.  (If that is you, I just want to give you a hug.  DO NOT QUIT until I quit.  And guess what?  I’m not quitting.  *WE*  can do it.)

Oh, friend, we will do it.  We will finish school.  We won’t throw our machines out the window.  We will celebrate with those who were emotionally there for us when we finish.  (My favorite story is The Little Red Hen.)  I already know that I’m taking Andy, my mom, my dad, my mentor, and maybe a friend or two out for steak and some champagne.

We are blessed.  We are blessed to be surrounded by people who love us.  You don’t get this kind of love and care in other fields.  As students, we must fight.  This training we are going through is a master at playing with our feelings.  Let’s band together and find the silver lining.  Let’s enjoy our time in the classroom until we are in the courtroom.

I’ll see you soon with those three letters and four numbers after my name.


National Court Reporting and Captioning Week, Day 1

National Court Reporting and Captioning Week is a special week devoted to court reporters.  We deserve a full week to show the world what we are capable of.





I’m going to just include a few interesting things that will introduce you to the field of reporting.  If you have any other questions for me.  I will be happy to help you out!!!
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*FREE* dictation resources for court reporting students!!!

I was going to record myself reading some of these but figured that there had to be some better options out there on YouTube!  Feel free to use these for your stenography practice.

This is not a full list of free dictation that you can find online.  Just type in “free steno dictation” in either Google or YouTube and you’ll find a plethora of audio and motivation!

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Coda Bear Beats Immune-Mediated Thrombocytopenia!!!!!

Coda has a file in my desk.  It used to be happy things, like copies of The Boerne Star when he won his Boerne Berges Fest Dachshund race, vet bills for his vaccinations, certificates for participating in races and obedience classes, and when I had insurance on him for a short stint.  It was only a big file because of the two copies of the paper with our picture on the front page.

Since September 20, 2016, he has been to the Alamo Hills Animal Hospital at least nine times.  But they saved his life.  They were our confidants.  The front office ladies became like family to us and we would catch up every few weeks when Coda had to go in for his blood test.  They laughed with us, assured us that they were going to do the best they could, and helped heal our baby.

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A Court Reporting Student’s Daily Planner, January-June 2017

There is nothing I hate more than practice logs.  In grade school and even at Schreiner, I never had accurate practice logs because I either lied on my practice logs or just did a generic log and practiced more than I said.  (don’t get mad.  I DID graduate with my BA in Music!)  I don’t even make my flute students do logs if they don’t want.  If it is something that they think will help them, then I have them do it.  I have even had students text me when they practice.  Kind of the same thing, but it was more of a text saying “practiced” with whatever emojis they felt the practice resulted in.

This hatred of practice logs has traveled with me to court reporting school.  Yes, I practice.  If I didn’t practice, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Can I practice more?  Of course.  Michael Phelps can practice more.   Manu Ginobili has bad days.
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My  very first post was about the different shave clubs.  I recently ran across a company that makes a strop to make your blades last longer!

First things first:  What is a strop?  A strop is a band of leather, canvas, or denim that is used to sharpen blades with.  In this case, the band is denim with leather ends.

ShaveFace sent me a set that includes The Strop + ShaveCream + Aftershave Balm.   (Find sets here!)  This set retails for for $58, which is a $28 savings.

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Product Review: Monat

We are getting REAL today!  Fresh faced and clean (soaking wet) hair!  Darla Kmety, a court reporter out of San Diego, reached out to me to review some Monat products.  I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to have done this for her!

Darla sent me the REJUVENIQE Oil Intensive™, the Renew Shampoo, Revitalize Conditioner, and the Replenish Masque.

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