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A couple of months ago, I threw an online (Facebook) Lularoe party with a mother/daughter team.  CheyEllaRoe is a Lularoe team out of Florida.  They have so many colors, prints, and styles that you can wear the same style of shirt but a different color or print for a full year.
I have five pieces of Lularoe.  I have 2 Randy shirts.  Randys are three quarter length sleeve raglan-style shirts.  One of mine, the one that I am currently wearing, is a gray body with stars and stripes.  My right arm sleeve is blue with dark white stars and my left arm sleeve is red and that same dark white color stripes.  (I’ll get to my feelings on patterns in a minute.)The other Randy I have is a soft gray body and baby pink sleeves.  This Randy is MUCH softer than my ‘Murica Randy.  I like my shirts not tight so my Randys are Large.  I could probably pull off a Medium, but let’s face it:  I don’t want to suck it in ALL DAY LONG.

I have two Irmas.  One is a blue/purple and greige (brown/gray) horizontal stripe shirt and the other is a khaki color.  Irmas are going to be shorter in the front and longer in the back.  Think of a mullet.  They are three quarter sleeves with the sleeve starting lower on your upper arm.  My Irmas are Extra Small and I could easily wear a Small.  Irmas are hit and miss on people.  There is one photo of mine where I am wearing my Irma and I look 30 pounds heavier than I actually am.

The last LLR item I own is a pair of black leggings.  (I want to preface this and say that my FAVORITE pair of “leggings” are a pair of Victoria Secret compression yoga pant.  They do magical things.)  So when I first received my leggings, I was a little skeptical because the fabric was much thinner than my compression yoga pants.  I honestly almost returned the leggings but then realized that no sane person would return a pair of black leggings.  These leggings are great for whatever you are doing.  They are great for running to the store in, doing yoga, sitting on the couch with your better half and watching Dr. Phil, whey will become your best friend while you are spending hours in front of your steno machine, and they are great for road trips.  I wear the One Size in leggings.  If you are taller and/or “curvier” (that word has always been weird to me) then you should get the TC, Tall & Curvy.  I personally haven’t tried the TC so I’m not sure if they would fit me or not.

Each style of clothing is offered in different solid colors and patterns.  There are a couple of different countries were the items are manufactured.  Some manufacturers run a little bigger or smaller.  I personally haven’t had an issue with this yet.  My ‘Murica shirt was made in Vietnam and I am not a big fan of the stiffness of the fabric, but I will still wear it.

You CANNOT dry your LLR crack — I mean, items in the dryer.  You must lay them out to dry.  I do all of my LLR together and have LLR all over the house for a day or so until they are all dry.  You must also wash your items in cold water or “you’ll be sad.”

There is a pair of leggings that I have been eyeing.  Some people might say it is my “unicorn,” which in Lula terms means the pattern that I’ve been wanting forever and can never find.  The are black with dachshunds on it.  DUH.  Some of the dachshunds are gold, some are red, and some are green.  The only reason I’m hesitant to get them is that LLR does not take into consideration the layout of the pattern.  There are a bunch of people that won’t but anything Lula because of this.  The pattern at the seems don’t line up and just look like the manufacturer was being lazy.  There have been a number of people that have posted shirts or dresses that would’ve been in my wardrobe if only the patterns matched up.  I’m not asking for perfection, but I’m just asking for them to try and to care a little bit more.  The only reason I fell in love with my ‘Murica shirt is because it doesn’t have this problem.  The only place it kind of does is on the inside of the arm and even then no one will see it.  Obviously, most people don’t care about this flaw, but the ones that do just stay away from the affected items.

You can’t just go to a Lularoe store front.  You have to find a dealer (preferably not a drug dealer) and get the items through them.  It is a MLM company, so you will see the Facebook events and invites all over the place.  99% of the authorized retailers have put in a whole bunch of money (think upwards of $5,000 JUST TO START OFF!) and time.  Most of them have a full room in their house that is their Lularoe closet.  They will have pop-up parties at their home and even online.  You will see a bunch of Facebook Live events where they are pretty much auctioning off the items, except it is a set price and usually only one person gets it unless there are multiple of the same item.  The retailers use a website that has their inventory but the websites are not always up!  It makes it frustrating to know that you can’t always shop.  Some take it down for inventory updates but some only leave it up certain days.

All in all, I wish I had more Lularoe items.  I’m still thinking about the dachshund leggings.

Please go to Lisa’s Facebook page or CheyEllaRoe’s Facebook Page for more information!


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