Harrison Blake, June 2017

Harrison Blake is a monthly subscription box service that offers men’s fashion accessories.   Harrison Blake has been open since 2014.  They send one necktie and 4 other accessories, all color coordinated, for a grand total of $25 per month!  Shipping is free and you can cancel whenever.  Check the bottom of the post for a code!

Tie Value:  $30
This pink knit tie has white speckles throughout it.  The part that goes around your neck is a thicker.  It does have a flat bottom.  Andy said he would wear it to a wedding but probably not the courthouse.  It is nice to have something that ISN’T for work, believe it or not!  It is a much more casual tie.

Pocket Square Value:  $20
Can we talk about how beautiful this fabric is?  It is a cotton pocket square with beautiful flowers on it.  The flowers are vibrant with more muted background and leaf colors.  Seriously.   Can I get this pattern in a cute shirt, please?

Bracelet Value:  $15
Y’all know I like to be honest.  I’m not quite sure where they got the value of $15 for this bracelet.  Andy doesn’t wear bracelets.  I really don’t unless I’m going out because of school.  I wish I liked the bracelets.  But I know someone who will be receiving bracelets as a gift!

Lapel Pin Value:  $20
I’m in love.  This makes up for the bracelet.  I wish we received this back in March or April to use for Easter, but it is what it is.  HOW FREAKING ADORABLE IS THIS LITTLE BUNNY?!  Andy won’t wear it, but I will!!!!  My heavy winter coat needs a cute bunny lapel pin on it.  $20 or $200, I love it.



Drink Shaker Value:  $4
This shaker is pretty cool.  It is 200 ml, which is about .84 cup.  It’s always martini time in our house!  It was cool to see this in the bag.






BBQ Apron:  $10
This apron would be great for camping.  I’m not sure how long it will hold up for, but it would be great for when we take the Airstream out.  Next time we go out to see her, the Airstream, I might throw it in one of the cabinets.  Again, I don’t know if this is really worth $10.  Nevertheless, it is nice to have this.

Don’t forget to use the code SEASON to receive $15 off of your first month’s package when you become a club member!


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