Harrison Blake, July 2017

Harrison Blake is a monthly subscription box service that offers men’s fashion accessories.   Harrison Blake has been open since 2014.  They send one necktie and 4 other accessories, all color coordinated, for a grand total of $25 per month!  Shipping is free and you can cancel whenever.  Check the bottom of the post for a code!

Dang it!  I filmed an unboxing video and I just went to put it on YouTube and it isn’t working.  Bummer.

This month was kind of an interesting month with Harrison Blake.   I usually LOVE the way that everything matches.  I’m not so sure I LOVE the way it all goes together in this month’s bag.  The yellow in the tie doesn’t match the yellow in the cuff links.  I do like the anchor bracelet but I don’t know how it goes with the floral tie, the bright yellow cuff links, and the summer camo pocket square.

Harrison Blake Pale Yellow Foulard Necktie
Value:  $30

This beautiful pale yellow tie has flowers and green dots on it.  I know a Baylor fan who will be excited to wear this tie.





Summer Camo Pocket Square
Value:  $20

I’m personally not a camo fan.  This pocket square is cute, though.  The pink in it really makes it a casual piece.




Gold Collar Bar
Value:  $15

This gold collar bar will look sharp on a suit.    Andy doesn’t wear collar bars, but I might be able to get him to wear this one.   It seems to be heavy duty.





Anchor Bracelet
Value:  $15

This bracelet speaks to me.  It is so simple.  Luckily the string is long enough that I can make it into a belt!  I just need to find the right dress or shirt for it.




Silk Knot Cuff Links
Value:  $5

These are bright yellow.  Again, Andy doesn’t wear cuff links.  It will be hard to get him to wear these.




Key chain
Value:  $4

This rubber key chain is cute.  I do like the shoes!  The other side is black with their logo.






All in all, I wasn’t too excited about this bag.  I do like the tie and the anchor bracelet, though not together.  I hope Andy will wear this tie.

He pretty much wears his anchor tie from Harrison Blake every day.  He told me the other day how much he loves that tie!

Use the code SEASON to get $15 off of your first box.

Have a great day!

This was received for free in exchange for an honest review.  Don’t worry.  All opinions are always my own!


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