Social Media and Internet Steno Briefs

Here is an unfinished list of social media and Internet briefs.  Do you have any ideas for the empty spots?  Leave me a comment down below if you see any terms missing or a better idea for the steno!  I will update this as I find some more briefs or words.  (I learned Magnum Steno, but I’m open to all theories!)

Facebook        FA*IB
Twitter              TW*IRT
Instagram        SGRA*M
Pinterest          P*INT
Flickr                  FL*IRK
LinkedIn           NL*INKD
tumblr               T*UFRPL
YouTube           YAO*UB
SnapChat        SNA*PT
WhatApp         WHA*EPS
Google              GAO*GL
Google Maps
Yahoo                YAO*  (depending on context depends on if there is an ! at the end.)
GoFundMe      G*UND
Amazon            AO*MZ
AOL                     AO*L

cell phone       C-F

Internet                       SPWERNT  (per MW, It is always capped.)
social media
social networking
e-mail                            MA*EL   (per MW, always with the hyphen unless you’re talking about a blueish green color or enamel.)
e-mail address         MA*ELDZ
text                               TEX
text message          TEJ
instant communication

*FREE* dictation resources for court reporting students!!!

I was going to record myself reading some of these but figured that there had to be some better options out there on YouTube!  Feel free to use these for your stenography practice.

This is not a full list of free dictation that you can find online.  Just type in “free steno dictation” in either Google or YouTube and you’ll find a plethora of audio and motivation!

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A Court Reporting Student’s Daily Planner, January-June 2017

There is nothing I hate more than practice logs.  In grade school and even at Schreiner, I never had accurate practice logs because I either lied on my practice logs or just did a generic log and practiced more than I said.  (don’t get mad.  I DID graduate with my BA in Music!)  I don’t even make my flute students do logs if they don’t want.  If it is something that they think will help them, then I have them do it.  I have even had students text me when they practice.  Kind of the same thing, but it was more of a text saying “practiced” with whatever emojis they felt the practice resulted in.

This hatred of practice logs has traveled with me to court reporting school.  Yes, I practice.  If I didn’t practice, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  Can I practice more?  Of course.  Michael Phelps can practice more.   Manu Ginobili has bad days.
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My  very first post was about the different shave clubs.  I recently ran across a company that makes a strop to make your blades last longer!

First things first:  What is a strop?  A strop is a band of leather, canvas, or denim that is used to sharpen blades with.  In this case, the band is denim with leather ends.

ShaveFace sent me a set that includes The Strop + ShaveCream + Aftershave Balm.   (Find sets here!)  This set retails for for $58, which is a $28 savings.

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